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Membership BenefitsPrint

Being a member of the Unite gives you access to some of the best services available to people at work. 

Membership Benefits

Enhanced £3.19/week ( Monthly £13.84 ) Enhanced Part Time £1.60/week ( Monthly £6.93 )*

* £30 per day from day 1 of the dispute (maximum £150 per calendar week) up from £13 per day after three days.
* £12.80 a week pregnancy benefit for up to ten weeks
- £12.80 a week paternity benefit for up to two weeks.
- £12.80 a week for incapacity benefit for up to ten weeks.
- £12.80 a week for up to ten weeks for an accident at work or on the way to work
- £8.000 cover for fatal accident at work.
- £6.000 cover for fatal accident not at work.
- £400 maximum for funeral benefit.
- £2.500 - £5.000 Permanent disability from accident at work.

Convalescence benefit - Legal assistance and advice - Care Xpress - 24 hour legal helpline.

Unite Basic £3.04/week ( Monthly £13.19) Unite Basic Part Time £1.52/week ( Monthly £6.60)*

  Core members receive all Core & Ancillary services except pregnancy/paternity, incapacity, permanent disability and convalescence benefits.

*Benefits pro-rata


All benefits are subject to qualifying periods as laid down by the rules.

For most benefits members must have been paid up for at least 39 weeks and be less than six weeks in arrears. -

Accident and sickness benefits payable after the first seven days of incapacity.

- Additional contributions to branch benevolent funds are required by some branches.

- The above scales include political contributions.

$ - Page updated 24/01/2015