Election Unite Executive Council 2014

Date: 22.01.2014 – Poole

Special Branch Meeting

Up-date on Executive Council Elections 22.02.2014

Following the branch meeting held on the 10th of February Kerry Foods Poole branch elected to nominate the following members for the Executive Council:
South West Region
Name: Jayne Taylor
Name: Mark Thomas

Rural and Agricultural Sector
Name: Ivan Monckton

Women Seat
Name: Jane Stewart
Name: Mohammad Taj
Name: Jenny Douglas
Disabled Seat
Name: Sean McGovern
Please vote for these candidates when you will receive your ballot papers.
Thank you

To: All members of the Unite the Union Kerry Foods Poole Branch

In accordance with the Rules of Unite it is necessary to hold a ballot to elect members of the Unite Executive Council which will hold office from 1st May 2014 to 30th April 2017.
In accordance with the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 Electoral Reform Services; have been appointed to act as Independent Scrutineer for this ballot. They can be contact at the following address: The Independent Scrutineer, Electoral Reform Services, Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW.
Any prospective candidate must be an accountable representative of workers in accordance with Rule 6 and a member of the constituency they wish to represent.
Under the ballot rules our branch is required to hold a meeting during the nomination period 13th January to 14th February 2014 in order to determine our nomination for the following seats on the Unite Executive Council:
1. Regional representatives for South West Region x2
2. Industrial Sector representative for Rural and Agricultural Sector x1
3. National Woman’s, BAEM, LGBT, Disabled member representatives. 1 each

The meeting will take place on Monday 10th February 2014 at 12pm until 3pm at Unite the Union Bournemouth Regional Office.
Yours Sincerely,
Andrei Dudau
Branch Secretary

The following members have declared their intention to seek nomination to stand in this election and you can contact them using the information they have provided as follows:
South West Region

Name:Jayne Taylor
Branch: SW8210
Membership number 13457060
Contact details: jaytay01@yahoo.co.uk

Name:Mark Thomas
Branch: SW8001
Membership number 32290816
Contact details: mark.thomas@gknaerospace.com

Rural and Agricultural Sector
Name: Ivan Monckton
Membership No: 12682247
Branch: WA/B7004
Contact: Ivan.Monckton@unitetheunion.org | https://www.facebook.com/ivan.monckton | https://twitter.com/imonckton

LGBT Executive seat
Name: Jenny Douglas
Membership No: 13326312
Branch: SC/79/16
Sector: Local Authorities | Region: Scotland
Email: jennydouglas58@hotmail.com

Name: Mark 'Pasty' Turner
Membership No: 40170178
Branch: WA/2077
Sector: Metals Inc. Foundry | Region: Wales
Email: pastyunite@aol.com; 07977928701

BAEM Executive seat
Name: Mohammad Taj
Membership No: 13657947
Branch: NE/302-7
Email: mohammad.taj@gmail.com

Name: Patrick D'cruz
Membership No: 14067848
Branch: LE/601
Email: patrickddcruz@gmail.com

Last updated: 21.02.2014