Education does not stop at the school gate. Everyone is capable of improving their skills and learning new talents, and Unite encourages all members, including migrant workers, to take part in training and learning opportunities. Unite's education service has been one of the great successes in the union's history and plays a key role in the union's development by supporting and extending the role of shop stewards and health and safety representatives, and developing the equalities and lifelong learning agenda.

Unite recognises the importance of working together with responsible employers by developing a cooperative approach to industrial relations. Our consolidated approach to working with employers has resulted in improved rights to negotiation and representation through developing more effective channels of communication and consultation by broadening the bargaining agenda. Unite education develops committed and skilled representatives whose contribution to sound industrial relations helps workers in the workplace.

If you are intrested in Unite's education programmes, contact a union official within your workplace, they will be able to provide information about courses currently available and will advise you about your rights to time off to attend courses.